Does this sound like you?

Super overwhelmed with your success and the day-to-day grind.

Drowning in details, feeling like, “… it's all too much and I'm not enough”. 

Repeating the same patterns of behaviors that lead to the same disappointing outcomes.

⛈ Full to the brim with great products and ideas but don’t believe you can create a business out of them.

When my pilot program Take Our Daughters to Work Day became a national sensation, I was drowning in the details... working in my business instead of on my business.

That led me to start Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence to help women grow their companies.

Owning a successful business changed my life forever. Putting me squarely in charge of my creative and financial freedom.

I want the same for you, that's why I created this course for you!


Live Online 8 Week Course

Business Hell to CEO Heaven 

Imagine how it would feel to

Be on top of your business

Be your own authority

Hire the right (accountable) employees and vendors

Own a business that works for you

Develop company culture that attracts ideal employees and customers

Right now this is your day-to-day 


You created a beautiful product, service or experience that you and your customers love BUT you're alone, overwhelmed, and working your hardest without making ends meet or having a moment to catch your breath. You are ready to create a business that works for you.


You know you can sell what you make and love to even more customers, BUT you're standing at a crossroads about hiring, financial and production systems and who to trust in making these next big decisions.


You’ve hit a business plateau. You know it is time for you to step into your power as the CEO of your company, to trust yourself and get on the path to CEO Heaven with other women like you.  


I get your desire for more customers, contracts and clients, increased revenue, sanity and success. I believe that the key to your success lives in you, that giving yourself permission to delegate and work on your business versus for your business will liberate you to win. That is why I’m here – to guide you through the seven steps that allow you to become your own authority and most trusted advisor.

Instead you can


Work less and make more money with a business employees and customers love.


Have a team that is invested in the success of your business


Design systems that make money while you sleep so your business possibilities are limitless.


Be free to create new products and services, backed by an experienced team.

Know that you are more than enough working the tools to enter CEO Heaven.


You could Google the answers to all the questions and read all the books about being a successful CEO which are often written by men and still be frustrated


Or you could work with a team that has put in thousands of hours building their own multi-million-dollar businesses and organizations, taught and coached women across the country and around the world to step into their power as CEOs to create businesses that work for them.

There’s Really Only One Choice


Business Hell to CEO Heaven

Know-How to Grow Your Business and Enjoy It  

You will receive instructions, coaching, exercises, and expert guidance that prepares you for continuous business growth. 

Embrace the methods used by women CEOs who have grown their businesses to six, seven and eight figures in annual revenue.


· Get clear about your purpose and vision so that your business authentically reflects you.

· Replace feelings of frustration and impatience with strategic, reality-based thinking so you can stand in your truth.

· Gain access to a fully supported sisterhood of like minded women who understand your unique challenges.

· Create systems that engender accountability with employees, clients, contractors and vendors.

· Confidently manage your pipeline of customers and cash flow to have a thriving business and joyful life.

· Realize your business is not all on your shoulders. Spread the responsibilities, accountability and wealth.

· Build a strategy with easy-to-use tools that will keep you on a path to success.

· Grow to trust yourself and your judgement, hire the right people in the right jobs.  


· Bring your authentic self to work and encourage your employees to do the same. 

· Fill your pipeline with opportunities, see the Big Picture of your business.                                 

· Have time for you and your family.

This course is closed for enrollment.

This course is closed for enrollment.

 Why You’ll Love It

💜 Holistic approach

This program is different from anything else available today because we consider all the layers of responsibility women have in their businesses and families.  

💙 Step by Step Guidance

8 live modules (recorded) that will walk you through each step of the process from putting yourself first to being the business that attracts the right employees and customers.

💚 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Live weekly 90-minute group coaching calls (recorded) with me and m team of expert coaches where you can ask any questions you have about the course materials, growing your business and growing yourself.

💛 Easy Reminders

Worksheets of the essential lessons that at a glance will remind you of how to proceed out of hell into CEO Heaven including cash flow and pipeline management, ongoing people and systems evaluations.  


🧡 Reality Based Thinking 

No more guessing with our reality based thinking strategy that considers your purpose,your numbers and your people in every decision you make. 


❤️ You Come First 

Become the leader in your own life and business on the path to CEO Heaven.

 The Curriculum

Module 1. You Have What It Takes
  • Face what makes you uncomfortable and afraid including family, employees, customers, success, and failure.
  • Learn to STOP second-guessing yourself.  
  • Recognize that you have what it takes to be a leader, to be the CEO, to be your own authority.
Module 2:  Purpose: Make It Mean Something
  • Ask yourself why you are in business and assess whether you truly value your product or service.
  • Learn how to see the big picture in your sector and market.
  • Rewrite and/or recommit to your purpose (why you are in business) and clarify your vision.
Module 3: Success is an Inside Job
  • Tap into your inner voice and listen.
  • Become aware of unconscious deference to stop giving away your power.
  • Learn to stop deferring to others, as if they know better than you about your business.
Module 4: Bring it into Action
  • Learn to practice reality-based thinking.
  • Learn to proactively have the conversations you have been avoiding.  
  • Write or rewrite your job description and ask your people to do the same. It is the key to everyone taking ownership of their jobs and being accountable.
Module 5: Systems Make it Work  
  • Do the “what is working and what is not working in your business exercise”.
  • Create systems and processes that are effective.
  • Learn to smooth out the peaks and valleys in your business.

 Module 6: Banking, Cash Flow, Bottom Line
  • Make Money Work for You
  • Build solid banking relationships
  • Create reasonable projections
  • Monitor your burn rate
Module 7: Be the Company People Want to Work For
  • Learn the why and how of establishing Quarterly Meetings with employees and strategic alliances. Have a separate meeting at home to keep your family informed.
  • Learn how to hire the right people in the right jobs.
  • Learn how to challenge yourself and recognize where you lack confidence.
  • Celebrate great outcomes without resting on your laurels.
Module 8: Be Accountable to Yourself
  • Learn how to set up a feedback system for you with your panel of experts, employees, customers.
  • Learn the why and how of regularly scheduling your time with family, for thinking, physical exercise, thoughtful eating, various therapies, coaching, beauty appointments, meditation, and time off.
  • Learn that life becomes something to enjoy with your employees, family, and customers as you grow in CEO Heaven.

Bonus #1 worth $1,000 
We will Review Your One Page Business Plan with feedback and recommendations directly to you
Bonus #2 worth $997
How to Build an Advisory Board for Your Business video course with Dr. Sandi Webster, member of my coaching Team
Bonus #3 worth $750.00 
30 minutes 1on 1 coaching with a member of the coaching team
Bonus # 4 worth $1,000
Live group coaching call 3 months after course completed with coaching team (recorded)

Here’s Everything you get when you sign up for the course Business Hell to CEO Heaven

· 8 live 90-minute course Modules(recorded) that give you the frameworks, facts and wisdom for growing your business and growing yourself
value $10,000

· 12 hours of live team coaching (60 minutes a week for 8 weeks) value $12,000

· Private Facebook Group

· Worksheets/Reminders for all modules $1,000

· Bonus 30 min. 1 on 1 coaching sessions Value $750

· Bonus Review of your One Page Business Plan value $1000 

· Bonus live Group Coaching call 3 months after course Value $1,000

· Bonus Video on How to Build an Advisory Board Value $997

Total value : $26,747

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If you are still not sure this is for you, consider our 100% guarantee. If our course hasn't met your expectations, email me [email protected] after you've participated through all the modules and we’ll refund your entire tuition. If you need to withdraw from our course before you complete it, we're happy to defer you to a future session at no cost. Just get in touch. We don't offer refunds for non-participation.

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About Your Guide

Nell Merlino

After 25 + years of creating campaigns like Take Our Daughters to Work Day and launching Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence with competitions like Make Mine a Million Dollar Business, I see exactly how women break through economic barriers and suspend limiting beliefs. 

I know I can have an even greater impact teaching ambitious women the fundamental tried and true lessons of “how to grow your business and grow yourself”.

Thousands of women have benefited from participating in our live events across the United States and in Central America. Millions more have read about and seen me on TV giving women permission to be themselves and create businesses that work for them and their families. 

Now you take my online course, experience my amazing team and be prepared and supported in your growth and greatness. 

Meet Your Coaches

Sandi Webster

After successfully creating, scaling, and selling her 150-employee marketing and analytics consulting company to a private equity firm, Dr. Sandi Webster is the CEO of the online education and advisory services company, Sandi Webster LLC. Her brand, Sandi Webster Coachsulting, develops curriculum for workshops and retreats, creates customized advisory experiences for her clients, authors books geared to small business owners, blogs and has a bi-weekly podcast called The First With Dr. Sandi Webster. Her latest online course, "How to Form an Advisory Board," is for entrepreneurs who need help and advice from a personally selected team.

Margery Miller

President and Owner of People Biz, Inc. Margery has been enabling clients to get into reality based thinking by sharing her experience and wisdom about business growth with hundreds of coaching clients across the country and around the world for over 35 years. A seasoned business owner,Margery built and managed a multi-million dollar manufacturer's rep agency for 29 years before selling it to her employees in 2006. Her focus now is business coaching through PeopleBiz. Margery was the first business coach at Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence.

Dr. Faith Brown

Dr. Faith Brown, Counseling Psychologist, Performance Strategist, Business Mentor, Adjunct Professor, Author, and Speaker. Dr. Brown’s seminal research and publication on the mental health of oncologists led to the founding of The Brown Wellness Group and to the publication of her Book entitled “Burnout – The Gift”. In addition to her partnerships with the NBA, medical schools, and numerous hospitals in the tri-state area, she serves clients from her private practice in New York City, Currently, Dr. Brown is helping women launch online businesses via the creation of digital courses.. One of her goals is to help women achieve financial freedom as she believes financial health is a big part of mental health. 

Libby Ladu

Elizabeth “Libby” Ladu has over 45 years of financial and management experience and has consulted with hundreds of businesses – small, medium and large.

She spent 20+ years on Wall Street in the investment banking divisions of two large European banks. Since 2006, Libby has helped small business owners articulate their plans and provided guidance to them for achieving their financial goals. She is an entrepreneur herself, having owned a call center in NYC, an organic vegetable farm in upstate NY and Right Brain Ventures LLC.

Libby has an MBA (Finance) and an MS in Community Economic Development (Not-for-Profit Management).

Alexandra Merlino

Bit by the Entrepreneurial Bug when she launched her first company, Authentics Home, as a college student. Alex started with passion, persistence and no business experience! The lessons and skills she’s learned along the way convince her that small enterprises carry the power and potential to solve many of the problems in our world.

Since then, she has gone on to launch and manage organizations focused on sustainable economic development, community well-being, and solution-based consumer products. She is a hands-on, results-oriented entrepreneur and someone who loves the challenge of aligning vision and mission with operations and a working budget.  


When does the Charter course start? 

Tuesday Oct 19, 2021 is Day One of Business Hell to CEO Heaven. Join us live at 12pm EST or listen at your own pace with recordings available in 24 hours. Live 90 min.course sessions run weekly on Tuesdays at 12pm EST from Oct.19 - Dec 14. See calendar for complete schedule  

The live weekly online 60 min Coaching sessions start on Friday Oct 22 at 12pm EST and end Friday Dec 10th 

How do the course modules and the coaching work?

In each weekly live 90 minute module (recording available) there are homework assignments to help supercharge your leadership style,listen to how you feel, clarify your purpose, people, cash flow and create systems. 

The weekly live coaching sessions are for me and my team to listen to you and guide you. Share your questions, breakthroughs and concerns with expert coaches as you work through your path to CEO Heaven. The modules and coaching sessions are a powerful combination that lead to a deeper understanding of you and your business and prompt action. 

Who will benefit from taking this course? 

Woman business owner who knows she wants to grow and is not sure how to do it and what it costs. 

Woman who feels out of control of her business, her life and her family.

Woman who loves the product or service she sells but is frustrated with the people she hires and not sure what systems to put in place to scale.   

Can I get my money back if I find the course is not for me? 

Yes there is a money back guarantee 

Will I get individual time and attention from coaches and experts?

Yes you can ask questions live during the weekly course modules and during the weekly live coaching sessions and better yet email your questions to me beforehand so we are ready to start with your questions early in the sessions. 

What is Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence? 

Count Me In is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping women grow their businesses and themselves. Through coaching and community, women meet challenges and gain knowledge to secure financing and customers. 

Founded in 2000 by Nell Merlino, who also created Take Our Daughters to Work Day, Count Me In (CMI) was the world’s first online micro lender, pioneering a unique model that combines business pitch competitions, coaching, education and access to financing. In doing so, the organization altered how major financial institutions make funding available to women and changed the global narrative about the power of female business owners. 

In response to the threatened survival of many small businesses due to the COVID, climate and racial justice challenges, Count Me In launched a Revival in 2020 to support women-owned businesses in transforming their products, services and companies to meet the new economy.  

Who is Nell Merlino?  

Nell Merlino is a pioneering expert in women’s economic independence and their personal development. A champion of women and girls, she created Take Our Daughters to Work Day with Gloria Steinem in 1993 and founded Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence in 2000. With a multicultural community of coaches, experts and business owners, Nell has helped thousands of women grow their businesses and grow themselves.  

She has appeared on all major news outlets including ABC, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, CBS,Fox Business, NBC and the BBC, The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes, LA Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. She has also appeared on 100’s of local TV shows and has a YouTube channel.    

Can I meet women who have been through the Count Me In programs?

Yes go to our video testimonial page